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Answers to a few questions you may have:

*What is Clear Bra?  It is an extremely durable, clear urethane film most commonly applied to the leading areas of your vehicle that take the most abuse from flying debris like gravel, sand and bugs.

*The application of  Clear Bra or Paint Protection Films will protect those high-impact areas from getting chipped and dinged up. 

Want to keep your vehicle’s paint looking like new?  Here’s the answer!

Protect your investment without changing the look of your car.  Clear, protection that lets your vehicles paint shine through.  Weather trading in or selling outright, Clear Bra will raise the value of your vehicle. 

*Clear  Bra can be removed without damaging your paint.

*The most common application sites include:  Hood, fenders, bumper, door edges, rocker panels, wheel flares, mirrors, and door handle inserts. 

*Think of your last vehicle and the places that could have used a little paint protection and apply that knowledge to choosing the places you would like us to apply the Clear Bra film.

*We have put Clear Bra paint protection films on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, trailers, you name it!!

Call us at 406-539-6014 for an estimate on having a clear bra put on your car.

Paint Protection for your car: 

Enjoy driving the Montana roads while also preventing rock chips, scratches, bug acids and keeping your paint in show room condition with a clear bra!  The paint protection film we use is virtually invisible and can protect the paint on everything from your SUV, pickup or luxury car to your motorcycle.  Not only does this help keep your paint looking great but may also help with your trade in value.


We are confident you will be completely satisfied and look forward to working with you on other vehicles.  


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